Three of our gang hit the big fifty at the end of 2010 and we decided to mark it with five days in Benidorm, the women were cool with it as they thought we were auld men who wouldn't last the pace.....How wrong they were!!

We were told by some friends of a great hotel that they'd stayed in and decided to stay in the same place, our hotel was called Dynastic, very nice it was too, all inclusive meant we could go daft, and we did, also must mention the food, specially the dinners, absolutely superb, myself and the Mad pup have never eaten so much red meat before although the Mad pup usually eats it raw, delicious!!

Our plan most days was to have a few drinks in the hotel and then take a wee wander round the town and have a few drinks and then come back to the hotel and have a few more drinks and then go out on the town, see the nightlife, have a few drinks .....I think you get the picture!!

Highlight of our time there had to be the fancy dress party in the town, absolutely fantastic day and would go back in a heartbeat to experience it again, great atmosphere, great costumes and just so much fun, seriously, you need to go, there's lots of photos of that day on the link below.

One sour note on the trip was the fact that I finished second in everything I entered, even though I beat all the gang it didn't matter they never gave me any credit ....Friends can be so cruel!!

A group shot, reasonably sober!!
Gurning competition!!
Do a little dance, make a little love, Get down tonight.
Least said the better methinks!!
Taxi service was crap!!
Spent quite a bit of time in here!!
A wee walk doon the beach!!
Mad pup getting his exercise!!
A very happy boy!!
Benidorm sea front.
Believe it or not we were never in here!!
A lassie giving her opinion of the mad pup!!
Young Kev getting a ride at something at last!!
A picture speaks a thousand words!!
Oompah Loompahs with friend!!
Lovely view!!
Getting ready to party!!
Hello ladies!!
Come fly with me come fly let's fly away!!
Allo Allo meets the PTA!!
For higher resolution copies and lot's more of these photo's CLICK HERE


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