Well I’m home and my wee American adventure is finally over. I had such a great time that I can’t wait to go back again, maybe even permanently, New Hampshire is such a wonderful part of the world.

Highlight of the trip would have to be seeing Albannach perform at the Loon Mountain Highland Games, the guys were absolutely awesome, best I’ve ever seen them, and I’ve been to some great gigs!!

It was great to finally meet Big Davy Ramone, what a really nice guy!! Slainte Dave.

Got a great reaction when I walked up to Big David Ross’ stall and told him I thought his books were rubbish, the look on his face was an absolute picture!!

Met all the guys individually and their reactions were of genuine surprise that I was there, brilliant!!

Special mention to Jacquie, the hug I got from her when I surprised her backstage was worth travelling across the Atlantic for, thanks honey; you made an auld man very happy, lol.

Special thanks to David Ross for taking us backstage once we got our folks a seat out front, and thanks to all the backstage guys for making us so welcome.

As luck would have it we met Jacquie, Jamesie and David Ross a few days later in Wolfboro having lunch before they departed in the new Albannach tour boat.

So many great memories of a great trip, sorry I never met any misfits, you must have all been hiding!!
I was going to edit the photos and select the best ones but decided to just include them all, I had to hold the camera above my head for most of the shots but they turned out all right I think. Can’t wait to do all this again!!
Jamesie enjoys a fish supper.
Big D signing some books for his fans.
Aya with a belter of a t-shirt.
Big D telling the story of Robert the Bruce.
Davey Ramone gives us a song.
The band giving it laldy.
Aya swinging tose swivel hips.
Kyle doing what he does so well.
Donnie's new haircut!!
Pure power!!
Absolutely superb noise, love it!!
Jacquie on hearing I was in the audience!!
The place was bouncing!!
Jamesie getting the crowd involved.
A wee wink from Kyle.
Almost finished lads.
Captain Dave on the Albannach cruiser.
Captain, we have a problem!!
For higher resolution copies and lot's more of these photo's CLICK HERE


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