It took us a wee while to find our campsite and set up the tents before we finally made it in to Stirling where we gathered for the march after a few beers at the Rob Roy bar.

There was a fantastic turn out on a rather overcast day but our spirits werent to be dampened.

It always amazes me on marches like this that you get abuse from fellow Scots on the street, such a shame but the bulk of onlookers wished us well and enjoyed the spectacle.

Many of Scotland's historic and cultural groups were represented on the march and the weather held fast until we reached the monument.

A fair wee crowd awaited us at the monument probably awaiting the arrival of Alex Salmond who was a no show. Nicola Sturgeon apologised on his behalf, still a bit of a dissapointment though.

Anyway, after some great speeches wreaths were laid at the Rotunda by all the groups involved in the days proceedings.

Then it was off to the pub for a few well earned refreshments before we headed for the Tartan Arms and our evenings entertainment.

Our host this evening was Alasdair MacPherson from the SNP who organises this rally every year.

Our entertainment tonight was, Ted (Better than Elvis) Christopher, Gaberlunzie, The Tartan Specials and Clanadonia.

What a great night, the entertainment was first class and we were surrounded by like minded people all out to have a good time and celebrate being Scottish!!!

Our journey back to the campsite was an adventure in itself. While we enjoyed our night's festivities the rain hadn't stopped and on arrival we found our tents rather soggy!!

We headed off to Big Bruce's tent for a wee beer and some snacks, Bruce yer a legend Sir and the pork pies were a life saver!!! Superb.

Back to the tents for a surprisingly comfortable nights sleep, rather soggy but it all made up for some great memories!!

We headed off to a local motorway service station in Bannockburn for some breakfast after our barbecue failed to work and were shocked to see full English breakfast on the menu, only in bloody Scotland!! Ach well!!! Alba Gu Brath.
A camping we will go a camping............
Gie's a smile Big Yin!!
Bob and Gary
Alba Gu Brath!!!
Mikey leading the way.
The gruesome twosome.
Wreath layers from Siol.
The field was full of banners.
Big Al with the Crann Tara banner.
One of the wreaths.
Ron pashed again!!!
A beautiful beastie.
Siol at the monument.
Three handsome strangers.
Right where's mine?
The Tartan Specials
I'm coming home, I'm coming home, back where.......
Ted (Better than Elvis) Christopher
The three best looking people there on the night.
Rab and the brilliant "Dirk Dance"
Big Malcolm and a friend.
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