I get sent an awful lot of weird & wonderful things through the site & I've had more than a few photos of various Braveheart Wannabies!! Now that I've got a decent amount I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy the photos & if you have any more, send them in. If you would like any of these photo's removed, then please get in touch at the usual address....Alba Gu BrĂ¡th
Here's what you have to match up to!!
Getting the general idea!!
Someone's not read the rules!!
Most excellent!!
Nope, nope, nope and again nope!!
Not liking the hands on the hips at all!!
Extra points for the Irn-Bru!!
Looking good Sir wae yer cheeky smile!!
Has Mel Gibson walked in the room?
A better piece of tartan and you'd look a 100% better!!
Liking the aggression!!
Black socks!!
Not bad at all, not bad!!
And if you bring your own Murron you'll win every time!!


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