Our good friend Jock Ferguson invited me along to take part in the official launch of his "Coronation" DVD in Dunfermline. The DVD was actually filmed in the Knave of Dunfermline Abbey and was performed in front of a live audience. The film was a fun experience for myself personally and I was extremely proud to have played a small part in it's creation.

The film itself was always intended to be distributed freely among Scotland's primary schools as part of their history lessons and the hope was that the children and teachers could have a debate about what they'd just seen and heard. There is also an audio play called "Robert Bruce King Of Scots" where Bishop Lamberton tells of his friendship with Wallace and the Bruce during the wars of independence.

The Scots Magazine recently stated that every primary school in Scotland should have a copy, I couldn't agree more!!

If you'd like a copy for your school please get in touch with the webmaster.

To see the trailer and for more info please CLICK HERE

Thanks to Duncan Fenton for the photos, Slainte

Making a big noise!!
Jock and myself gie'in it laldy!!
A tricky bit!!
Quite a wee crowd started gathering!!
The Three Amigos!!
I donated a plaque from Authentic Grass and let people know what it celebrated!!
Our good friend George won it, well done sir!!
Joe sings his new song about William Wallace
Big Jock, one in a million!!
To see photo's from the making of the DVD CLICK HERE


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