Davy's 50th 2009
Davy's celebrations started off in Edinburgh the week before his "official birthday party" with his family, before all that the lads had a chance to get our hands on him first!! We all met up around four o'clock and decided before to much alcohol was consumed we'd give Davy his extra present of a beautifully handmade kilt belt made by Rab who you can find on the front page of the site, anyway, turns out Davy's been suffering from a wee bit of middle age spread and the belt was kind of neat on him shall we say!!

We then went to find our digs which was a hostel on the Royal Mile which was superb but the next time I have to sleep beside big Stevie I think we'll need to get him a room of his own!!

Back to the pubs we had a right good old fashioned pub crawl where we ended up at the Burke and Hare pub where we could suitably embarrass our pal which we did!! To save his blushes let's just say that his backside is not as hairy as it used to be!!

With the night drawing to a close it was off to bed with some more frivolities in store for the Sunday, this included watching the old firm game after a big slap up breakfast, a few bevvies in the Heb then off to the train with a traditional carry oot, no seats could be found but there was an empty first class carriage which we made our own, Davy took his first class status to another level when he hit the emergency button because he was finding it difficult to aim his stream while the train was moving!! It's true I tell ya!!

Finally it was the sedate surroundings of the St Mirren club in Paisley for his official birthday bash with family and work mates etc, a great night was had by all and Davy looked as if he had a great time as well.

If you met us in Edinburgh we hope you had as much fun as we had meeting you and if you didn't meet us then you bloody missed yourselves!!
Ding Ding, let's get ready to ruuuuummmmmmmmbbbbbbbbllllleeeeeeeeeee!!
Aldo's thinner than Davy shocker!!!
No bad if you like that kinda thing!!
All the lassies love a kilty!!
The birthday boy himself!!
Nae party's complete without a piper!!
Time somebody got Davy home before he makes an arse of himself!!
Best singer of the night!!
Davy gives us a speech that nearly made us miss last orders!!
Trying to recapture our youth!!
Did it work?
Happy birthday Davy boy fae all yer pals!!
It was a very long week!!
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