Edinburgh is a place I have been to many many times, sometimes it's been a shopping trip other times it's been to sample the hundreds of pubs in Rose Street, I'm sure there's a few I've missed!!! But most times when I come to Edinburgh it's to enjoy the history of the place.

So what does Scotland's capital City have to offer? Read on and find out just a few of the things and places you can find here. Once again with my trusty copy of DESIRE LINES at the ready I set off to investigate.

One place I had never been to was the Scotland Museum so let's start there. If you walk up The Royal Mile and turn left at George IV Bridge it's a few hundred yards up the road. The building itself is very modern in layout and you really can't miss it.

When you walk through the doors one of the first things you see is  the Breacbannach. It's a silver gilt box in the shape of a little house, which once held a relic of a saint, some say St Andrew others say St Columba.

This is the box that was carried before the Scots army at Bannockburn in 1314. I spent almost twenty minutes just gazing on this wonderful piece of Scottish history, I had to have a final wee look before I left as well.

There's also a rather grim looking guillotine called the Maiden, strange standing in front of it knowing that so many souls lost there lives to this beast.
I really enjoyed the Jacobite part of the museum, a truly fitting way to display a very important part of Scotland's history, Kelvingrove museum should take note!

The museum explores every part of Scotland's past and there really is something for everybody. The ancient Pictish stones were also breathtaking.

If you come to Edinburgh you can't afford to miss this place if you have an interest in Scotland's history.

Back the way we came and onto the castle itself. I'm ashamed to admit I'd never been to the castle before, always thought it was a bit expensive, still do, anyway, what is there to see at the castle?

Well obviously you have Scotland's Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny which I was pleased to have seen but disappointed that I couldn't take any pictures, grumble grumble moan!!!

Anyway onwards to a little building within the castle called St Margaret's chapel,  DESIRE LINES will fill you in on all the details of this lovely little building.

Just outside the chapel is Mons Meg, a bloody huge cannon that could fire a cannonball for miles. It saw action only once against the English at Norham Castle on the river Tweed. However, it's great weight made it impractical to drag around in battle, it does however make for a great photo opperchancity.

Further down the Royal Mile you'll find the Scottish Parliament, a horrible looking building if you ask me, oh sorry you didn't!!

Also look out for Greyfriars Church, just outside the gate you'll see a statue of Greyfriars Bobby and you can read about wee Bobby and his exploits from the many information boards dotted around the site.

Much as I love the story of Bobby I came here to see the Covenanters prison, reputed to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland.
I once took a Ghost Tour to this place in the dead of night, something which was fueled by alcohol I must admit. Wouldn't do it sober 'cause I'm a big feartie, but it wasn't for the faint hearted, really intimidating place to be in at dark o'clock time!!

The Covenanters Prison is a really sobering place, no pun intended, to visit. The horrors that went on in this place were truly inhuman.

Greyfriars is a wonderful mix of legends, history and stories of famous and ordinary people alike and is well worth a visit.

The Ghost Tours on the Royal Mile are well worth taking as well, great fun and very informative.

Overall, Edinburgh is a great place to visit. You'll never do everything in the one day, I spent five hours in the museum itself!!

A couple of days touring around Edinburgh is highly recommended, the museum is a must, the castle was ok but there's so many gems on the Royal Mile alone that I can overlook the disappointment of the castle itself, personally Stirling Castle is far more interesting!!


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