We celebrated our Christmas night out in familiar territory, the Glennifer Hotel in Glenburn Paisley where we always make ourselves right at home!!
We were surprised to find that we were the only guys in the place and it wasn't long before the women made their moves on us, sometimes you just feel like a piece of meat the way we were treated....Aye right!! We all ended up on the floor dancing with each other just to let the lassies see what they weren't getting lol
One of the highlights of the night for me was Rabs balloon trick, absolutely awesome, explaining it wouldn't do it justice, next time you see him just ask him to show you.
We had a great time thanks to the staff and everyone for making it so enjoyable, special mention to the bar staff for keeping the bevvy flowing and the band for playing some fantastic music, roll on next year!!

Think Jim's holding up the wrong finger!!
Tony's very affectionate with a wee drink in him!!
So it would seem is Joe!!
Ronnie & Joe, no alcohol for these boys!!
The obligatory twins shot!!
The Paisley Boys take the dance floor by storm!!
Cammy's new look!!
We got a lot of use out of our Benidorm purchases!!
The happy table!!
Rabs balloon trick, had me in hysterics!!
Looks like it's time to go!!
For higher resolution copies and lot's more of these photo's CLICK HERE


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