I managed to get away from work early to get a few beers in before the game thanks to a big English lad called Stevie, see there not all bad!!! Cheers Stevie.
The weather was wet & windy but it didn't stop both teams from serving up a very good game of football. The only disappointment on the night was the SFA's handling of the tickets, one ticket for £25 for Travel Club members but Joe Bloggs could get as many as they wanted, shocking!! It didn't get much better on the night as the queues around Hampden for tickets would appear to testify, c'mon SFA, get yer act the gether!!!

What a nice couple.
Andy's away!!
So's Gary!!
Was it something I said?
C'mon, gie's a better smile than that!!
She's kiddin' on she's shy!!
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