SCOTLAND versus Czech Republic 3rd MARCH 2010
Once again we all headed for Strathies to start off what ended up a great wee day oot. The pub wasn't to busy when we arrived so there was plenty of time to have a chat and get reacquainted with old friends First up we had Ted Christopher giving us his best as he always does, the guys a legend!!

We were not only blessed with Ted playing for us we also had Albannach just back from a tour of America and you might have thought they'd have been weary!! Not a bit of it, they were awesome. Of all the tribal bands out there, Albannach are definitely way out in front. One word for them, Awesome!!

Ted came back and played for us up to just before kick-off where he finished with a very emotionally charged version of "I'm Coming Home" in honour of our big pal David R Ross, well done Ted.

Next it was off to the game where we met up with some of the gang who couldn't make Strathies and settled down to watch the game. The cold weather didn't seem to affect the players willingness to impress new Scotland boss Craig Levein. In the end up we won at Hampden in a friendly for the first time in fourteen years which is definitely a great way to start!!
Great Standard!!
Davie & Jamie
Albannach having a wee rest before they play, Colin and Aya letting me know they love me!!
Oor Ted played a blinder again!!
Well worth checking yer pockets when these three are sitting aside yae!!
Aya and Jamesie giein' it some welly!!
David & Christine with oor Kate in the background!!
New strip, new manager, new era!! We hope!!
The boys did good!!
Can you smell that? Well it wisnae me!!
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