Well what can you say? Another pathetic attempt at trying to qualify for a tournament and unlike the last one you can't even say this one ended in glorious failure!! Third place in this group just isn't good enough and I think that George Burley should go and we can rebuild the team with a new manager, the performance tonight was good but it was too little too late and how long are we going to stick with Kenny Miller? Gives you 100% every time but constantly fails to score when it's needed!!

Right, rant over, other than the game how did our wee adventure go? Firstly we started off going up to the Iron Horse in West Nile Street where we booked on the bus to take us to the game, the place was mobbed so we went round the corner to Yates' where it was a wee bit quieter but I think that's what we were in the mood for, there were only four of us so we spent the afternoon just having a blether and having a few bevies and something to eat, then it was off to get the bus. The bus ended up more like a Dutch supporters bus as they joined us on our wee run to Hampden and the passers by were certainly amused at all the Dutch fans singing Tartan Army songs!!

A couple of our lads were doing the hospitality thingy and we weren't jealous at all as they bombarded us with texts about how good it all was, bar stewards!! We had a couple of spare tickets and I'd like to say hello to young Calvin who took one of them and helped us get rid of our other spare twenty minutes into the game, well done pal, appreciated it and Croc, where are you!!!

After the game we decided to head into Shawlands and drown our sorrows, we started off in the Victoria bar but our chins hit the ground when they shut at eleven!! Quick dash round to Neesons and we spent the last hour in great company and did our best to slam as much alcohol into our selves in an hour that we could, we did quite well!!

Then it was a taxi home where our night didn't quite finish as we thought it might, Taxi got a flat tyre so while the taxi driver sorted the problem we went for a pee in a nearby bush, Big Jim thought it would be fun to push me into the said bush, only problem was it was a thorn bush, thank christ it was only my face that got took the brunt!!
A sea of Oranje!!
Wave hello to Kev and Aldo!!
Great view we had as well!!
The cooncil workers day out!!
PTA looking a wee bit pensive!!
If this was a tactic it went against us with big Davie Weir slipping!!
The highlight of the day for me!!
Suzie and Debbie
The victors!!
Don't mess wae Big Jim!!
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