We didn't have long to recover from our wee trip to Amsterdam before we had to go out and do it all again!! It's a hard life but someone has to do it.

After the excesses of Amsterdam, only three of us managed to meet up for a pre match bevvy, later joined by our driver for the evening. Many stories were shared of our Amsterdam trip to the locals of a fine Paisley hostelry and we were treated like celebrities as we'd actually travelled to a foreign country to see Scotland play!!!

After a few bevies it was off to Hampden but not before we stopped off for a pre-match kebab to keep us going for the night ahead. We met up with the rest of the lads outside Hampden and sorted out the tickets and as luck would have it Davy managed to sit next to Aldo again!!! That's fifty three Scotland matches in a row!! Spooky!!

Tonight Scotland were everything they weren't in Holland, I really enjoyed this game and McManus at the heart of our defence gave us the leadership we were sadly lacking against the Dutch.

Ross McCormack and the return of the wonderful Alan Hutton never gave the Iceland defenders any peace as they both constantly took the game to them and at last we looked like a football team again.

We were off course without the Disgraced Rangers pair but in all honesty we never missed them, and as for Craig Gordon I will never doubt him again, the big fella did more than enough to convince me he's our number one!!

The game itself will probably be remembered not for the three points that keeps our campaign on track but more for the idiotic behaviour of the Rangers dafties!! What were they thinking? No sympathy whatsoever for them, what made them think that that was a good idea. we'll never no I suppose!! Well done to the team for getting a result that really mattered and hopefully this is a turning point in the group for us.
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