Well that was just what the Doctor ordered, a nervy victory but a very well deserved one at that!! Full marks to Faddy, Scott Brown and the wonderful Davie Weir who gave a performance that belies his age!! Now at least the Holland game will mean something and the players might just make a game of it.

Right, rewind back to the start of the day, it all started off at Strathies as it usually does with us and we were entertained by the magnificent Ted Christopher and Saor Patrol. The place was absolutely bouncing and I'll make a point of not standing at the bar in future as I became a barman for the day, it can sometimes be a curse having so many friends!!

The weather wasn't great and the walk to Hampden became a rather sodden affair although it didn't dampen the spirits of the crowd as it was one of the best atmospheres I've seen at a game for ages. Full marks to the DJ as well who knew what the day was about and kept us going with some great music at half time, also great to see the Tartan Specials play at the game as well.

After the game it was back into the town where we ended up in the Tobt Jug where we normally have a few but we stayed the night such was the music and the banter and it turned out a cracking night, only downside was I lost my Glengarry, it's the badges that were important but ach well.

Highlight of the night apart from getting home was the dance off with the younger lads in our gang, Kevin might just have edged it but Cammy gave him a close run for his money and quite a few years as well, if you were there I'm sure you remember it, great fun!!

Big hello to the Dutch lassies we met with the Scots lads and hello to everyone that made it such a great night, great to meet up with all our old friends and hopefully we made some new ones, see you all next time!!

Saor Patrol
Oor Ted
This is before the game!!!
Then these four lassies came in, that's enough of yer pish Davy!!
You meet the strangest people!!
The Away support whose twenty five names were read out before the game!!
Just after the second goal, needed it as well!!
Newest member of the PTA, oor Pauline!!
Party is warming up nicely!!
The Dutch Lassies
Let the dancing begin!!
Go for it Cammy!!
Dance yerself dizzy!!
Showing off!!
I prefer the slow dances at the end of the night!!
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