We started our wee day out with a trip to Glasgow to partake a few beverages at the Iron Horse in West Nile St. We knew that some old friends would be there and of course Ted (better than Elvis) Christopher was the entertainment.

There were some Irish supporters in the pub and it all added to the atmosphere, the banter was good and Ted as always, supplied us all with some great songs to sing along with. The bar staff were among the friendliest in the land and thanks to all of them for joining in with the fun.

We managed to get ourselves on the bus leaving from the pub to the game and at £3 a pop for a return journey to the game and back must be the deal of the century. On the bus we introduced ourselves to the lovely lassies from the Fraseburgh Tartan Army and had a giggle on both journeys, thanks for being such good sports girls, we're harmless really.

At the stadium we met some Irish fans who were not the best ambassadors for their country, the last time I met such hostility was in the Ukraine, there's always going to be a few morons at games but there seemed to be more than normal here tonight!!!
The game itself was a bit drab with not much to talk about really except for a few good performances from the new lads and a great penalty save from Allan McGregor.

Back to the pub for a few more ales and a few more songs from Ted then it was all over until the next time. Thanks to everyone for a great time in the Iron Horse, to all the old friends we met and hopefully some new ones
, see you all next time.

Dave, Kevin & Jim starting off.
Jamie & his Faither (We Think)
Ted's number one stalker!!
Jim, Aldo & Davy enjoying a joke, must be about Jim!!
Ted's not British!!
Neither's the beer.
The lassies from Crack of Dawn T.A.
Norrie & Nancy.
Whit's the time?
A guest singer giving us "Purple Heather"
Aldo's excited!!
The most exciting the game got!!
The away support.
A near miss!!
Our wee fisherman's friend.
Jim showing off!!
The young team.
Ted's bouncers!!
Kevin & his Faither ( Maybees aye, maybees naw)
The whole gang, very handsome bunch of chaps.
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