Once again we headed off in the direction off Strathies bar on Polloshaws road in Glasgow for a wee refreshment before our bravehearts went into battle to put us in a fine position for qualifying for the World Cup Finals in South Africa in 2010!! Aye right I'll crack the jokes. We seem intent on making life hard for ourselves don't we. Anyway enough about that just now.

Some of us managed to get up to Glasgow a bit earlier than others and were treated to a great wee afternoon of some great music provided, once again by Ted "Better than Elvis" Christopher and the wonderful Saor Patrol.

The crowd were really in the mood to party and the entertainment didn't stop for a moment, don't think I've seen Strathies with a better atmosphere than today, great to see so many familiar faces around as well. To everyone involved who lay on this entertainment at no cost I salute you all.

Time soon caught up with us and it was time for the game itself. It all started rather edgy with neither team wanting to lose, methinks George got his tactics slightly wrong and while I was delighted to see big Iwelumo getting a start, and apart from the obvious bad miss I thought the big chap had a great game, but where was Boyd? I don't agree with him going in a huff and quitting Scotland, I can understand his frustration but he wont be getting a welcome back from me. Best player on the park was Brown, one of the best performances from a Scottish player that I've seen in a long time, well done Scott.

After the game we regrouped and went back to Strathies and shared a few beers, sang a few songs and generally acted as if we were youngsters again, isn't beer great!!!
Austin and Mini Me.
Big G putting the world to rights.
The fantastic Ted Christopher.
Nice t-shirts guys.
Saor Patrol.
Two best looking guys there!!
Some fancy head gear for the troops!!
David and his boy.
The Galston Boys.
Oor Ted!!! Superb!!
Big Bruce gie'in it laldy!!
Three drummers drumming.
Oor pal Ziggy.
Great flag.
Emily with an admirer!! Great tights by the way!!
Nice shorts big man!!
The away support, good turnout I thought.
Let's get it on.
A couple of friendly natives.
Geo and Aldo laughing at the guy with the camera!!
Jim and Kev.
Elvis wae ma burd!!! Back off big guy!!
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