Despite the result it still ended up another great trip in the company of the one and only PTA. The first thing that hits you when you fly into Norway is the amazing view, a site we'll never forget. We flew with Passport Travel and they provided us with a superb wee hotel in the centre of town.

On our first night we spent most of the night in the Dubliner where we we were treated to a great gig featuring Spud and Liam the pipers and a great wee chanter called Davy Holt,  the three lads had the pub bouncing even with the cheep beer at £5.70 a
A huge big shout to Keith the  barman who became our new mate and who's now wearing our Scottish Not British t shirt!!

When we got up on the Wednesday we decided to take a wee tour of Oslo, all the usual touristy stuff, the palace,parliament etc, great what you can do on a trip when the alchy's aren't with you, you all know who you are!!!
We then headed back to the Scotsman pub to meet up with our new Edinburgh mates, Wullie, Boab,Jock, Chris and a great wee guy from East Kilbride who's name we've forgot!!! Must be my age!!

Had a great day with the locals and the worlds media, got myself on the telly.......again lol. Then it was off to the game, oh dear!! Surely the football wouldn't spoil this trip (sigh)
We all had high hopes until we heard the team selection, what was George Burley thinking? He got it all wrong and how!!
No Faddy!! We wont bore you with the details as we're sure your as sick as us!!
A great wee trip and thank fek for duty free. Special shout to all the gang from Passport Travel, well done Jimmy and the boys.

The Bonnybrig lads.
Getting friendly with a local!!
The square.
A couple of big rides!!
Amazing who you meet!!
Optimism is a wonderful thing when you combine it with beer!!
The world loves a trier!!
Looks just like George Square!!
Must've been before the game!!
Kevin wae a surrogate me!!
Scotland might not have scored in Oslo but Kevin did!!!
Let us begin!!
They look confident don't they!!
A few fine flags on display.
Getting excited!!
Crowd in full voice!!
Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeelll!!!
This guy actually prevented us from seeing the four goals!! Thank you!!
We'd like to thank Aldo for the report and a big thank you to Grant from the Bonnybrig' T.A. for some of the photos, cheers guys.


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