My Lords Ladies & Gentlemen I'd like you introduce you to "Ron Henderson", a guy who I got in touch with through "BIG JOCK FERGUSON" My life has been enriched by his fervent comments and his obvious passion for his country's history and tradition.

Once you've met Ron you cannot fail to get caught up in his obvious enthusiasm for his beloved Alba and best of all he is keeping one of our truly Pictish arts alive ,i.e. Stone Carving.

Ron reproduces, perhaps on a smaller scale to those beautiful stones carved by the Picts, (he finds it a little difficult getting 5 ton boulders into his garage workshop), wonderful hand carved reproductions of the ancient stone carvings found all over Scotland from the Shetland to the Borders.

This  little piece is in honour of a man who keeps our Pictish traditions ALIVE!!!

'Ceum Air Ceum An Coinneamh A Chuil'
(Step By Step Backwards)

To see further examples of Ron's work CLICK HERE

Getting the Scots to learn more about their culture is a matter of giving them inspiration and hope. Forget about the establishment. It isn't in the interests of the British to make the Scots aware of their true heritage. They will give you a lot of crap about us being a multicultural 'mongrel nation' but that is a whole lot of nonsense.

Around 80% of us have the same D.N.A. as that of the people who settled here just after the ice age and it is different from most of the English. Check it up with the National Geographic (American) and you will see the proof for yourself.

Also, if you really want to know who you are, get further back than the 14th century for your story. Take the Scots back to their origins to give them some idea of who they really are. Learn more about the Picts, the original inhabitants of Scotland. You will be very surprised at just how much we owe to these people who were the ancestors of the vast majority of us.

For example, they gave us the Saltire. It is probably the oldest flag in the world, and Kenneth MacAlpin (the 'Scot' from Dalriada) wasn't the first king of a united Scotland as we were all taught at school. That is drivel intended to discredit our ancient past and to make us think that we modern Scots are descended from the Irish and only came into existence as a nation in 843 a.d. 
Kenneth MacAlpin wasn't even crowned 'Rex Scotorum' but 'Rex Pictorum' i.e. King of the Picts. It was the same with his brother Donald and his two sons, Constantin and Aed, all of whom reigned after him. They were all crowned 'Rex Pictorum'.

I am trying to get some of this message across with my stone carvings and trying to get the Scots interested in who we REALLY are. Let's stand up as a nation and a people who are proud of our ancient origins.
"We are who we are"
Did you know that up until the time of William the Lion (1165 a.d.) the Royal Standard of Scotland wasn't the Lion Rampant but the Wild Pictish Boar? What a pity it changed. I would have loved a passport emblazoned with a wild boar on top of a fluttering St. Andrew's cross.

The ancient Irish Book of Lecain tells that a King Gede ruled over Ireland as well as Alba and that, "The voices of all sounded as the music of the harp to each other, so great was the peace in his reign". On an eastern shoulder of the Ochils stands an ancient cairn known as Cairn Geddes, i.e. Gede's Cairn.

One of my sons who is a mathematician has worked out that the original cairn would have weighed at least a whopping one thousand, four hundred tons. This site should be a place of pilgrimage to all Scots. And they are talking about erecting a wind farm all over this bit of the Ochils. It is a sheer disgrace what is happening to our Country.

I'm reminded of the story of Calgacus, 'The Swordsman', the leader of the Caledonians whose army stood against the Romans at the battle of Mons Graupius in 83 a.d. It was this Calgacus who is recorded as saying the famous phrase; "They create a desolation and they call it 'Peace' ". T he only difference between now and then as far as I am concerned is that the enemy isn't the Romans anymore. But they are still creating a 'desolation' in my country.

One final thing, we must hold on to our languages of Gaelic and Scots. They help to define us and are part of what makes us who and what we are. A Gaelic phrase sums this up perfectly;

'Tir gun Chanain, Tir gun Anam' (A land without a language is a land without a soul!)


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