What a sight to behold, hundreds of patriots joined by tourists and bystanders who all joined in the march to make this years spectacle very special indeed!!

Our wee day started at George Square in Glasgow where we had made arrangements to be picked up by mini bus to take us through to Scotland's capital city for the event of the year.

Laughter soon ensued when a mini bus stopped and we all got on and started making ourselves comfy before we realised we were on the wrong bus!! Ach well, anyone can make a mistake.

When we arrived in Edinburgh there was just enough time to partake in some liquid refreshment to numb us from the biting wintry weather which was bitter to say the least.

It never ceases to amaze me how many familiar faces you get to see at these events, people who regularly give up their spare time to celebrate this wonderful country's history and culture, guys I salute you all.

Everyone was gathering at the esplanade at the castle, along with our pipe band who were kicking up a great noise there were plenty of tourists looking for some photo opportunities and being the media tart that I am, duly obliged more than once!!!

I was at the at the back of the march and it was truly a sight to behold!!

Saltires were everywhere, people hanging out of there windows shouting support and waving flags was brilliant to see, everyone seemed to be waving mini saltires as we made our way down past St Giles Cathedral which looked quite spectacular on this very special day!!

We soon arrived at our destination at the front of the Scottish Parliament where speeches were made and Ted Christopher sang us a few songs which the assembled crowd all enjoyed immensely.

Then it was off to our evening Cedhli at the Three Sisters in the Grassmarket where an evening with Ted and Fiery Jack ensured that we'd have a very Scottish evening of music and dance.

To everyone who made this whole event possible, thank you for being there and celebrating St Andrews day so very, very well.

See you all again next year!!

The Esplanade.
The Stockbridge pipe band.
Best banner by far!!
St Giles.
A wee tourist.
One of the many Saltires.
Is that a wee England flag?
Oor Ted.
Kevin Williamson.
Ted at Parliament.
Historian David R Ross.
First dancers of the night.
Fiery Jack
Ziggy and a friend.
Saltires eveywhere, braw!!
Ted and Fiery Jack.
The Saltire arrives.
Oh, hokey cokey cokey!!
A couple of dancers.
Ted and a fan.
Thomas in full swing.
Rab gie'in it laldy!!

Finally I'd like to leave the last word to historian David R Ross who summed up the day's events perfectly:

St Andrew's Day in Edinburgh was a highlight of 2008 i will not forget. The Royal Mile with its historical associations, and the fact that every generation of Scots since the dawn of time have walked that route, made it special indeed.

My deep felt thanks to all the organisers and their able assistants, who worked so hard to make it all go so smoothly.

Such a huge turn out, and it can only get bigger year by year.

I would recommend it to any right thinking Scot or for anyone from anywhere who appreciates Scotland, its history and its culture.

The fact that so many tourists wanted to join in, shows how much they like what we are as a race and want to embrace our culture, and the unionists attempts to destroy our culture shows them up for the frauds they are.

Scotland, St Andrew and Freedom!


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