Our thanks to Jamesie from the band Albannach for this great tat!!
Our thanks to our pal Ziggy for this fabulous tat!!
The next five photos are from our good friend Jason Wolfe, here's what he had to say: Here’s a couple pictures of my latest work in progress, it represents my Scottish ancestors of which I am very proud! It would be great to see it on your site if possible? It would be an honor in fact. Thank you for your time and the cool web-site.
The tartan is a McQueen tartan, for my great-grand mother Maria Adell McQueen (Wolfe) I would have used a McPheeters Tartan if it existed. But as far as I can tell they never had one unless they used the Hume Tartan being descendants of Peter Hume. 
Sincerely,Jason T. Wolfe Grandson of Virginia Louise McPheeters
I know this tat is neither Celtic or Scottish but there's something about it that appeals to me!!


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